Tuesday, January 17, 2012

new year 2012

Ok, so I'm a little late in typing in new comments. It's really hard with fur between my toes and dew claws instead of thumbs!

My papasan went to 2 ROC days and picked up some really interesting smelling fluffy stuff! Some is sparklely and some is from a baby alpaca (what ever that is). That stuff is wet and drying in the garage; I can't get to it and check it out. Oh, ROC Day is also known as St. Distaff's Day. She says it's about spinners and weavers going back to work after the Christmas holidays. All I know is that for Christmas we got a new toy, a chirping soft bird.

We also lost a good old friend, Lady Grey.  My papasan says Lady Grey was living outdoors in California and when they moved here, Lady Grey stayed indoors because she was older. We don't know how old Lady Grey was but we're guessing 18 human years. That's really old in my fuzzy years.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all.

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