Monday, October 31, 2011

a Samhain Blessing to you all

May the ancestors deliver blessings on you and yours...
May the new year bear great fruits for you...
May your granted wishes be as many as the seeds in a pomegranate...
May the slide into darkness bring you light...
May the memories of what has been keep you strong for what is to be...
May this Samhain cleanse your heart, your soul, and your mind!
--- traditional Samhain blessing

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ever wonder

Ever wonder why humans wear stinky stuff?  Well, my papasan rides the train and bus and comes home smelling like ... well, let's just say she runs to the shower just after feeding us. Then I settle in and make sure my papasan smells right while she complains of the other humans smelly stuff. I reassure her that her elbows smell just right.

Well on to more important stuff! The Texas Country Reporter Fair is on this weekend and they are scrambling to get ready. Which means I need to make sure everything is packed properly and meets with my approval. I still can't understand why they keep telling me to get out of the boxes. Come on! They smell nice, speaking of smells. Leather, wool and such. It's important that all the products get my pawprint of approval.

Oh well, back to checking on boxes and napping.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Craft Show listing

Well, it's pretty much done:  my papasans have 6 ( count them 6 ) shows!

The first is this August 18-21 in Irving, Texas. It's called Merry Meet and they are working really hard to get a bunch of stuff done.

Next is Fall on the Mound in Flower Mound, Texas on September 24th. 100% crafts! I need to ask if they will have any toys for me.

The next one is Monster Bash out at the Fort Worth Nature Refuge on October 1st. This is their 3rd annual event an it support the nature area and refuge.

Then it's up to Parker for Share the Harvest at Jacob's Reward Farm, October 15th. This is a very small group of hand crafters like my papsans who teach and share their obsession.

Next it's down to Waxahachie for Texas Country Reporter Fair on October 29th. That's just before Halloween, Kitt's and Sahmain's favorite holiday.

The last two are at local high schools, Keller Central HS and Bell HS.

That's a lot of work for them to do. I thought I'd help this past 2 days but I was told that paint and I do not mix.  (sigh) Green paint in my fur. Well, at least is combs out.

Monday, June 13, 2011

new craft shows!!

Well, my favorite papasan is trying for 2 new craft only shows! One is Texas Country Reporter Fair and the other one is Fall on the Mound in Flower Mound benifiting the Women's ministries. Very kewl. Both are juried events so I hope it happens. This just means I don't get a lap for a while but I do get to play with roving and string.

My other papasan plays with leather, calls it "Creatively Pounding on Dead Cow" and just finished an Art Nouveau business card holder.

I don't understand business cards. I guess it's because I don't have thumbs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What is a "Papazan"

"A papasan chair (also called a bowl chair or known as a mamasan chair for a double-seating version and sometimes misspelled as "Papazan" [sic]) is a large rounded bowl-shaped chair with an adjustable angle similar to that of a futon. The bowl rests in an upright frame traditionally made of rattan, but also sometimes made of sturdy wicker or wood. While similar designs of furniture have existed around the world, the papasan was introduced in the United States in the 1950s, and rose to great popularity in the 1970s.

The cushion of the chair is typically thick velveteen material filled with cotton fluff. In traditional papasans, the cushion can be removed and used outside of the sturdy frame, although it is hand-wash only. Non-traditional papasan chairs have sturdy metal or plastic frames, and are of similar design as traditional chairs. The metal or plastic frame typically folds into itself, allowing for easy transportation and storage. The folding type chairs are also known as "moon chairs"."

As far as I'm concerned it's a lap!

just starting out

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