Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ever wonder

Ever wonder why humans wear stinky stuff?  Well, my papasan rides the train and bus and comes home smelling like ... well, let's just say she runs to the shower just after feeding us. Then I settle in and make sure my papasan smells right while she complains of the other humans smelly stuff. I reassure her that her elbows smell just right.

Well on to more important stuff! The Texas Country Reporter Fair is on this weekend and they are scrambling to get ready. Which means I need to make sure everything is packed properly and meets with my approval. I still can't understand why they keep telling me to get out of the boxes. Come on! They smell nice, speaking of smells. Leather, wool and such. It's important that all the products get my pawprint of approval.

Oh well, back to checking on boxes and napping.

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